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You’re feeling burnt out.

You’re sick of working long hours with not much of a paycheck to show for it. You’re tired of feeling like you need to have a zillion Instagram followers to be successful. You’re so fed up with constantly comparing yourself to others.


I feel ya.

When I started out, I was the same way. The kicker? I’ve found a better way to build a successful 6-figure creative business and I’d love to help you do the same.


Allow me to welcome you to my 1:1 8-week coaching program.


About The Program

Chances are, if you’re here you are not hitting your income goals or you’re feeling like you hit a plateau with your business’ scalability. This program is all about helping you take your creative business to the next level!

Over the course of 8 weeks, you’ll get to work directly with me as we strategize goals and actionable steps to help you 10x your income and gain more creative and financial freedom.

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How to design and launch a product or service that will actually sell.

How to amplify your productivity and when to delegate tasks

How to build a community around the work you create and keep people engaged with your message

How to build out multiple passive income streams to scale your biz, earn more and work less

How to turn your community members into clients 


What’s Included

Program Workbook

30-minute 1:1 video calls each week where we’ll strategize a game plan for your business and lay out the steps you can take towards progress

Weekly accountability check-ins via messenger and email as needed

Weekly homework assignments and exercises

Private educational portal with all recorded video chats, homework, resources and feedback


Your Investment


This program is for those who are very serious about kicking their business up a notch (or ten).

Enrollment includes your $2,000 investment as well as your personal dedication and passion over the 8-week duration of the program.

Each week you’ll be asked to meet up with me for a 30 minute video call as well as mini check-ins via messenger and email.

I am 1000% devoted to seeing you succeed so that means I will be holding you accountable throughout the process - I’m like a BFF who just so happens to know a shit ton about running a creative business ;-)

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Ready to start?

Aaaaaamazing. There’s one more thing, though. To be considered for this program, you will need to fill out an application below. I know, I know… that’s a lot of steps. The reason I do this is to make sure that you are indeed a good fit for this program. This is a big investment for the both of us. Every 8 weeks I only accept a small handful of applicants to keep the quality of the program high - the application process helps with that.

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I believe that I can make a difference in my industry...
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