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Hi, I'm Molly.

I'm a lettering artist who has had the opportunity to work with some of the best brands around. You've probably seen my work in magazines, on the television, or over at my font foundry. I'd love to share my expertise with you, whether through a commissioned project, online education, or fun lettering goodies.


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Brit+Co iPad Lettering

Intro To iPad Lettering

Have you been curious about lettering with your iPad? Going digital makes it so easy to practice your letters and edit your designs. It's also more convenient to just carry your iPad instead of your whole studio kit.

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iPad Illustration in Procreate

Have you been wondering how all of those beautiful hand-lettered illustrations you’ve been seeing on Instagram are created? Well, you’re in luck!I 'm here to teach you how you can create your own intricate illustration right from your iPad.


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