3 Ways to Boost Passive Income Sales

Hey Boss Baberinos!

So you've started your online shop. You're putting your work out there and waiting for the sales to roll in but can't seem to get the ball rolling. Sound familiar? I totally get it. The whole concept of building out passive income products is to let your business do the work for you. So how can we boost digital product sales without slaving away the day? I've put together 3 tips for boosting sales WITHOUT adding a ton more work to your plate. All of these things you can easily do on your own. You're welcome =)

#1: Connect with affiliates.

If you haven't set up an affiliate program for your ecommerce site, you 1000% should. Right now. You can easily do this through MANY online platforms (including Thinkific, which I use to sell my online shops). If your selling platform doesn't offer affiliate programs, you can connect a third party into the equation. Affiliates LITERALLY SELL YOUR PRODUCT FOR YOU and help build brand awareness and expand your reach. If you haven't connected with some affiliates, do it, asap.

#2: Set your biz into auto-mode.

Let your business WORK FOR YOU. You can do this by setting systems into auto mode so you don't need to have your hands in everything. This could be auto responses to emails, a consistent newsletter, automatic digital sales transactions and follow-ups, etc. etc. You shouldn't have to spend time on those things. Curious about how to set up systems? Check out The Profit Planner.

Not only does setting your biz into auto mode help free up your time, but it helps build sales through customer satisfaction. The ENTIRE process becomes easy for your customer to actually buy your products from start to finish. Customers will come back and recommend your products/services because of the seamless experience.

#3: Maximize SEO.

Essentially, your website's SEO is what draws traffic to your site. Just to give you a little glimpse... My husband and I run Terra Firma Bouldering Co. We've obv have had our hands tied up in other projects to SEO of our Terra Firma site was really at the bottom of our to-do list (but still important), we hired on a marketing expert and our website went from a few pages in when googling climbing in Grand Rapids to THE FIRST WEBSITE that pops up within a week of giving our website some SEO TLC.

Want to learn more about SEO? Spoiler: you should. Go get 2 free months of Skillshare and learn ALL ABOUT SEO in Rand Fishkin's class: Introduction to SEO: Tactics and Strategy for Entrepreneurs. You literally get to take this class FOR FREE with my link (ps - it's an AFFILIATE LINK), so go sign up! No strings attached and you can opt out after 2 months free of learning over there.

So, that's it for today! I hope this will give you a little push in the right direction to start pulling in more sales in your online shop! Running a business takes *dedication*, folks. You can't just put products out there and then hope they sell. You have got to put in the back work and set up systems to help those products sell. You got this. Keep at it, friends!