Working with an Art Rep

How To Work With An Art Rep: @mollyjacques

I’ve been asked questions about this topic sooo many times, so I thought it was time I got around to answering some of them! If you have any questions I missed, or any other comments, drop me a message either here or on youtube!

In case you don’t have time to watch the full video right now, I went ahead and added a little breakdown below!

What is an art rep?

Person or group of people who represent you as an artist

What does an art rep do?

Help get you work 

Help maintain clients

Liaison between artist and client

Help shift from small projects to bigger projects (with bigger clients)

Ensures good compensation for artist

Where do you find an art rep?

Short answer? Google. Read reviews. Google more.

Networking is seriously everything. Ask your grapevine!

How to reach out to an art rep/agency?

Be yourself

Be approachable

Pitch a strong portfolio

Clarify how your work will be helpful to them

For more answers, be sure to watch my video above - it goes in depth with my experience working with my rep.

Don’t forget to drop me a comment or message with any other questions you have about working with art reps/agencies!