Hello ladies and gents,

I've taken the time to really go through the positive and negative feedback of my Skillshare class, looking for ways to improve the course so that you all get the very most out of it.

I've updated a HUGE chunk of the videos, adding more commentary, helpful tips, and content to aid in creating a calligraphy style that's truly yours! Moreover, be sure to check for "additional resources" at the bottom of a few of these lessons for additional content like book recommendations and alternative tools of the trade.

I think that "style" is a pretty complex term, so I've also added a little video covering what style means to me and how I've elvolved throughout my calligraphy life. My hope is that this encourages each of you to spend the time in researching and developing one of your own, knowing that it's a long journey to become confident in what you're doing.

A calligraphy style, to me, is not only the way your calligraphy looks when you write the alphabet but also how it works in other contexts like working with color and composing words together. How do your words interact in a composition? Do you have a go-to color choice? I've added in a few extra tips and tricks videos and content at the end of the course to help in this process (although you should master the FIRST steps before this...).

All that said - please be sure to let me know if you feel like there is any information that you're not happy with, keeping in mind that this is a beginner's course. Like I said in the intro to the class, I want everyone leaving with a working knowledge of what calligraphy is and how you can use it to create a one of a kind alphabet!

If you're happy with the updated classmake sure to leave a positive review so I know you're happy!

Looking forward to seeing everyone's work!


Molly Jacques

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