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This past month I offered up a challenge to the students in my Skillshare class, asking them to create a final piece of calligraphy (or a few!) using the last unit of my course as inspiration.

The last unit focuses on composition and color to achieve consistency within their calligraphy style. As a challenge reward, I was to pick one of my favorite projects and reveal it here on my blog and my other social media outlets....

And so - here's a big shout out to the winner of the challenge, Ffion McKeown! All of these images shown today are hers and the reason I chose Ffion's project is because she shows the most consistency with her developed style and she also experimented with color and composition successfully! Isn't her work stunning? A great upright hand with LOTS of distinctive personality.

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Ffion McKeown-2.jpg

Congrats Ffion! Also, a big shout out to everyone else who participated - your work looks AMAZING and I was blown away to see each of you grow tremendously with your calligraphy. Big thumbs up from this gal! Unfortunately, I could only choose one, but you all should be really excited about the work you're creating.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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