Hello everyone!  Today I just wanted to share this little piece of motivational advice that's good to be reminded of at any point in life - FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS.  Not what doesn't.  Sometimes we're so stressed out about things that we put meaning on that it takes away from the things in life that really matter.  This can be at home or at work.


If you follow me on twitter, you might have noticed that I've been talking a bit about my email organization lately.  It's something that I never really focused on before because I considered it secondary to my work hours.  Lately, I'm realizing that this is something that's core to my brand and how I relate with my clients!  Alas, because I am doing everything solo, sometimes it takes a bit longer to catch up on all my emails everyday but I'm making it a priority focus to connect with my clients and blog followers via email more efficiently this year because it's something that really matters.

Interested in how you can get your emails organized and focus on what matters?  Check out this AMAZING tip guide from Rhi over at Hey Gorgeous on Tackling the Inbox.