ART PRIZE | 2013


Art Prize 2013 as officially started! Each year, here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, thousands of people flood the city to find some of the best contemporary and folk art in the country and vote on a winner. My husband Cody has the pleasure of exhibiting his work at the Grand Rapids Art Museum this year and we couldn't be more pleased. The GRAM is known to hold all of the very best contemporary pieces that the show has to offer including multiple winners of past years.

If you're in the area (or even just viewing from afar online), please take a moment to reflect on "Consolation" by Cody Erickson. Cody describes his work as... 

"...The landscape continues to function as a metaphor to make sense of how vast our relationship is to it in the literal sense, at the same time also presenting an image of our constructed relationships between ourselves internally and socially. In my piece Consolation, the landscape serves as a stage. On this stage, the relationships between how one’s leisure defines oneself and a culture are displayed while maintaining a symbol for our changing culture in the flux of facing “distraction.” How we choose to engage with this interaction will define our next landscape and how we search to find meaning in it."

Find his video interview with the GRAM below...

To help Cody enter into the running for Art Prize winner, please take a moment to vote for his piece by registering for Art Prize and voting with code 55433.

If you're spending a few days here in Grand Rapids - hoping that you enjoy your time! I'll be up at the GRAM periodically in support of Cody's piece so please swing by to say hello and check out his work!


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