ON BRAND: Cole Haan

A few months back, a well established Detroit filming company called Avalon Films came knocking for some lettering skills. They mentioned that they were not only looking for someone to create a finalized fine art piece, but they also needed the artist to make an appearance in a short brand film for one of the ultimates: Cole Haan. Of course I jumped on the opportunity. The film was to be a part of the "_____ on brand" series created by VSA partners to capture current thinking behind leadership brands.

This project was a totally new experience for me. With a tight deadline looming above us, we got to work on starting the concept process for the fine art mural to be created for the film. At this point, I passed work in progress files back and forth between myself and everyone else who was working on the film (VSA Partners, Avalon Films, Cole Haan). Please note, a good portion of the design process for this was created while I was traveling. So, I think that my Cintiq Companion deserves a good shout out. Here's what we started with:

Molly Jacques for Cole Haan

After a variety of revisions, they decided that they wanted to stick with the phrase "Substance is the best style there is". I love this phrase and think it really reflects their brand. The concept really extends past the idea of "fashion" and hits us where it matters. Substance. Meaning in our lives. It's good stuff, you guys. So we switched to this design:

Molly Jacques for Cole Haan

I really enjoy both designs. They are vastly different but, I think, both capture the ideal client of Cole Haan. Movers, shakers, makers. Creatives. Our generation.

Next, we took a full day to film me as I created the chalk board mural at Detroit Mercantile, a beautiful shop in the heart of Eastern Market. I love that the venue that we shot at really reflects a sense of love for the city of Detroit. It represents the movement of the city, where it's going, who is building it up. Detroit is a home to so many talented artists and artisans.

This experience for me was like none other. I've never been on a film set in my entire life and I was blown away by all of the talent and how much work really goes into these things. 

Molly Jacques for Cole Haan
Molly Jacques for Cole Haan

I'm really excited about how this film came out. It has definitely been a high point in my little career to be a part of something so special. I'm beyond honored to have my credit among the rest of the talented team members on this film. Without further adieu, check it out:

And lastly - a big THANK YOU to everyone who put so much hard work into this. I only played a small role in a larger picture. So honored to have contributed to this project!

Agency: VSA Partners (vsapartners.com)
Partner: Jamie Koval
Associate Partner, Executive Creative Director: Jeff Cruz
Creative Director: Jesse Rea
Associate Partner, Executive Creative Director: Greg Sylvester
Director: Anthony Garth (avalonfilms.com)
Writer: Andy Blankenburg
Executive Producer: Lisa Gildehaus
Producer: Claire Connelly
Production Company: Avalon Films
Executive Producer: Audrey Pask
Director of Photography (A-Roll): Yoni Brook (yonibrook.com)
Post Production: Hudson Edit (hudsonedit.com
Executive Producer: Kristin Redman
Editor: Rich Smith
Music: Soft Swells (softswells.com)
Artist: Molly Jacques Illustration (mollyjacquesillustration.com)