Happy Tuesday everyone!

I want to take this time to let you all know that I'd really like to start more conversation here on my blog. About life, lettering and the freelance biz. You might have noticed that a few of my last entries where under the categories "The Freelance Diaries". This category is going to be a place where I express tips and tricks of the trade. How I got where I am and where I hope to go with my little freelance business in the future. Please please tune in! Moreover, please start a conversation below in the comments; I want to hear if this information is helpful to YOU and I want to hear what your journey has been like as a freelancer. Be sure to leave a link to your website if you have one.

Okay - now on to the good stuff. This week's post is titled "Stick To Your Guns". This phrase obviously can be taken in many ways, but I'm using it in response to The Freelance Diaries.

When I say, "Stick To Your Guns" as a creative freelancer... this is what I mean...

Find your voice and stick to it. For example, when you're making a portfolio, make sure that everything in that portfolio sticks to an overall message and aesthetic. This is still on the subject of style and being distinctive... Once you've actually developed your voice, It's so important to let your body of work speak that voice.  Don't feel like you have to take on every job that comes your way, and if you do take every job on - don't feel like you have to put the final product in your portfolio. When I was starting out, I had to take on every job I could get. But you don't see 100 pieces in my portfolio, do ya? I only include the best work that speaks in the voice I want to promote. Each image follows a specific "style".

Say you're super creative and hate focusing on one style. That's fine! But PLEASE (and this is important) PLEASE create separate portfolios that represent different styles. I promise - it will work in your favor and will cause you less headache in the long run.

And so, that's my little tip of the day. Stick to your guns. When I say this, I don't mean stop creating and experimenting, I'm just saying create a concise body of work so potential clients know why they are hiring you!

Best of luck to all my fellow freelancers out there! 



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