This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking a road trip down to Nashville, TN to teach my two day calligraphy and lettering workshop.

Although I wasn't there long, I had the opportunity to meet some truly talented and inspiring people while I was there. I was honored to hear the hours various people spent in the car and on airplanes to be there and attend the workshop. Seriously humbled.

This group of guys and gals impressed me so much with their skills and positive attitudes. I know that learning calligraphy and lettering is a difficult task. It takes years to master - but these students came so far in such a short amount of time.

All of the photos above document the lettering portion of the workshop. All of the lettering presented is student work (not mine!). Pretty impressive huh?

Stay tuned for a photo cap of the calligraphy portion of the workshop and be sure to sign up for my newsletter below to see where I'll be next and how you can register to learn at one of my workshops.

Photography by Cody Erickson