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Happy Tuesday everyone, and welcome back to the Freelance Diaries!

This week I'm sharing my digital tools wish list with everyone. Last week, I talked a little about work flow and how having the right tools can  make ALL the difference. I enjoyed hearing all the comments about your work spaces and what helps for each of you so I'd love to continue the conversation here if any of you guys or gals have tools that you feel work very well or if you have your eye on something that you'll be investing in in the future....

Just a run down. Here are the digital tools that I continually use on a daily basis. They live in my studio space presently...



• 2011 27" iMac

I Can't say enough about my iMac. I'm a total Apple geek so, of course, I go for the best of the best. My desktop computer is fast, designed well, and helps me work on multiple projects at once. If you work from home, I seriously recommend investing in a nice desktop computer. This one is great because It has a large screen that makes working digitally much, much easer.

• 2008 10.5" Wacom Tablet (Intuos 3)

I got this baby as a (very generous) Christmas gift from my parents back when I was attending CCS as a student in the Illustration department. Since then, I've become really awkward if I'm not working on it. I'll never use a mouse again. Never. This tablet helps me work on small details on the screen that I just couldn't maneuver with e track pad or mouse. Again, if you don't have a tablet - I seriously recommend getting one if you do any sort of digital illustration and/or blogging with text or illustrations. LIFESAVER. Mine is way old now so I'm looking for an upgrade (see the Cintiq above... yep).

• 2007 15" Macbook Pro

I hate my 2007 Macbook Pro. It worked amazing wonders back when I was in college but died in like 2010 because I never upgraded the software and now it's discontinued. I use it when I travel but it feels like a waste of space sometimes. Anyone want to by an old used Macbook Pro?!

• 2013 HP Deskjet (Scan/Print)

This printer/scanner is nice because it connects to wifi but ultimately, I wouldn't buy it again. There are far too many problems with it that I can't troubleshoot and the customer service at HP isn't very good. It does the job, I guess. Notice I don't have this on my wish list.



• iPhone 4 (in need of another upgrade!)


These are the items that I'm currently coveting. If I had these in my possession, I'd be a very very happy girl. Mostly, they are luxurious upgrades to items I already use...


2014 27" iMac

Mac is always updating their products to make them the best of the best. I guess it's sorta unfortunate because when you opt in for the latest products, you know they are already designing a newer and better version for you to lust over. I really want the newest iMac. She's more beautiful than ever with a thinner body.

2014 Cintiq 13HD

I'm pretty sure this will be my next big purchase. I LOVE my wacom tablet, but after having access to Cintiqs (the perks of being a CCS adjunct instructor...) I'm pretty sure these blow a regular tablet out of the water. They also offer companion Cintiqs that you can use anywhere. Digital lettering while on a road trip? Yes, please. Not to mention these would be GREAT for teaching digital techniques at workshops...

2014 15" Macbook Pro

Would love to have a working laptop for when I travel. I use the Adobe Creative Cloud programs so I need a computer that runs quickly. If I had the Cintiq companion, I might not need the additional Laptop. Just nice to have on hand for teaching and travel.

• Epson Expression 11x17 Scanner

My HP $50 scanner just isn't cutting it. For all the reasons mentioned above. I'd LOVE to have this large format scanner so I don't have to cut up my illustrations before I scan them in.



• iPhone 5s

My iPhone 4 works fine but they get better each time! Sometimes apps run slowly on the 4.

... And that's my digital tools wish list! In detail, of course. What kind of tools you guys use? Do any of you have experience with the tools on my wish list? Thoughts?




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