Hey everyone! Today I'm introducing a new category here on my blog that's extra special! This summer, I'm having College for Creative Studies student, Brooke Hitchcock (that smilin' gal right below!), shadow me as my apprentice/intern. Brooke will be helping with all of the DIY posts for this summer, using the hand lettering and design skills that she'll be learning along the way. Brooke is also all signed up to take my Illustration and Design course at CCS next semester where she'll learn about typography basics and the fundamentals of hand lettering and calligraphy!


This week, Brooke helped me create some beautiful gold bookmarks by doing a dip-dye and adorning them with her hand lettering. I pitched in and hand lettered a few myself =) Here's how to make these at home...

Photo 1.jpg


Small, pre-cut pieces of paper

Golden High Flow Acrylic in Iridescent Gold

• Black Colored Pencil or Micron Pens in .08

• Mixing Vessel 

Paintbrush to mix medium or add texture

• Water (to water down the medium to your liking)



Mix your paint with a little bit of water in the mixing vessel (test it out along the way on a piece of scrap paper to make sure the consistency is to your liking. Semi-transparency creates fun texture).


Start by dipping the bottom portion of your pre-cut paper into the water, leaving about one inch of space clear at the top.



Let your dipped bookmarks dry on the table or a drying rack. Since this paint is water based, it's easy to clean up any spills.



Dip your bookmarks again! now stop a little bit lower than the last dip. This will create variation with the transparency of the design. Repeat steps three and four until you get the desired effect.



Use the white space at the top of your bookmark to write a little note. Brooke and I came up with a few clever phrases that are welcoming when you go back to that great book you're reading. Make sure to come up with something that will encourage you to start reading!


Voila! You're ready to use these bookmarks in your most recent read. At my house, we have a good collection of C.S. Lewis books - we are using our bookmarks in "The Four Loves".