MJW: Introductions!

Happy Friday everyone!

Today I want to share with you my extra special project: Molly Jacques Workshop. 

MJW is an extension of one of my passions – teaching. In 2012, I started teaching calligraphy classes all throughout the country. Crazy enough, I traveled all over the place bringing high end calligraphy courses to students eager to learn something new. Over the years, my workshop broadened into something more complex. I've taught not only calligraphy, but also hand lettering, digital techniques, and lectured on topics like creative freelancing, self promotion, and proper calligrapher/client practices. This brings me to where we are now...

MJW is an online version of my in-person workshops. It's online education for calligraphy and lettering. Although you can never truly beat the in-person workshops, we're striving for a close second. This website is going to be all about community and personal interaction, two things that really make the experience feel like a real mentorship. At MJW, our vision is simple and valuable: