Procreate Texture Pack 1.0

Procreate Texture Pack 1.0


17 Procreate Texture Brushes

Ready to really get creative with your iPad Pro illustrations? I've designed 17 custom texture brushes to use on your designs that will surely give them a 'hand-painted' look! Each brush is meant to be "stamped" with one click of the Apple Pencil to maintain the texture and details of the design. To create variation between the stamps, try adjusting the size and opacity - you'll be surprised how much variation you can get with one brush! Want to get the full experience? Go pick up my Lettering Brush Pack to add lettering on top of your textures! Watch the video below to learn how to install your brushes and use them.

Included in this Download:

17 custom built brushes to get the look and feel of a hand-painted texture installation Guide PDF along with my helpful video


iPad Pro Apple Pencil (or similar pressure-sensitive stylus) The Procreate App for iPad

Learn how to use all of my brushes over on my Youtube channel!

IMPORTANT: These brushes are not compatible with Adobe Photoshop, they are created specifically for Procreate App on the iPad Pro.

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