The Little Lettering Pricing Handbook

The Little Lettering Pricing Handbook


Getting paid for your lettering just got easier.

Whether you're a seasoned lettering artist or a struggling beginner who has no idea where to start, pricing is the life-blood of your creative biz and it impacts our industry as a whole. We've created The Little Lettering Pricing Handbook as a tool for all lettering artists to use each day to build confidence in charging what they are worth - and then actually getting paid!

What you'll get...

The Little Lettering Pricing Handbook digital download allows for you to literally just copy and paste content into any format you need - negotiation emails, contracts, etc, we got you.

Learning to navigate usages and pricing can be super confusing but with the handbook - it's all about to get way easier. In addition to the handbook being laid out in a way that is easy to understand, our video series will help guide you through the process of quoting a client, negotiating, and finalizing payments.

Who it's for...

The Little Lettering Pricing Handbook is for anyone who is interested in pursuing commercial hand lettering or calligraphy. This handbook is absolutely perfect for beginners who are struggling to price their work or well-versed artists who want an easy to reference guide as they quote out client projects.

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