GLL Font(s) Used:  Frosted

GLL Font(s) Used: Frosted

Happy Monday everyone!


Welcome to the newest category on my blog - GLL In The Wild. Each Monday, I'll be posting some amazing artwork that features one or more of the fonts that I've designed. This week, I want to present EvaJuliet and her beautiful hand illustrated family trees featuring a combination of her own hand lettering AND some of our fonts. I found Eva's lovely illustrations as I was reading Oh So Beautiful Paper last week (thanks Nole!). Eva's work immediately stood out because her illustrations are a perfect example of how I envisioned our hand lettering style fonts to be used. My vision was to see these fonts used in a way that reflects the "hand made" feel; to blend seamlessly into an illustration or design without second guessing it it was a font or actually hand drawn. To see which fonts she used on the illustrations, be sure to view the captions below. All designs and photographs are by EvaJuliet.


GLL Font(s) Used:  Frosted

GLL Font(s) Used: Frosted

GLL Font(s) Used:  S  aint Agnes

GLL Font(s) Used: Saint Agnes

A big THANK YOU to Eva for sharing her designs. Did you use a GLL Font for one of your designs or illustrations? Get in touch or post below in the comments with a link for a chance to have your work featured here on GLL In The Wild!

To purchase the fonts used today and others, head on over to Great Lakes Lettering.