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This week on The Freelance Diaries, I'm going to be talking about how to promote your little freelance business WITHOUT a rep. Like I mentioned in my post - Having an art rep is totally not for everyone. If you're good at managing clients, invoices, 1099's, etc. I'd actually recommend not getting one. The reasoning for this is simply because you can do all that on your own. Working as a full time freelancer has humbled me to the point where I realized that I'm honestly not good at the organization end of things, which is why I really do appreciate all the Joanie does for me. That said - how does one promote oneself? My rep has a really good client list that she promotes to, but you can sign up for websites like Agency Access and do everything on your own. EVERY artist is different and just because something works for me doesn't mean it will work for you. Or it might - who knows.


Alright, promoting work. I think the first best thing is word of mouth. Networking with people and making friends. For example, sometimes I get work that I just can't take on for whatever reasons. Often, I'll pass along jobs to friends that I believe are trustworthy, talented hard workers. I only pass along work to people that I like and know that I can rely on. If I recommend someone for a job and they don't follow through - it makes me look bad. That said, networking with other artists is a great way to promote your work.


Next, I'd say the client list thing. Either having an agent who does it for you and signing up for something like Agency Access. Also, be sure to send out a weekly or monthly newsletter. Sending out a mailer promo at least once a year (which can be pricey but you should def. do) is another way to promote. Whatever you choose to do - be consistent. Clients will easily forget about artists if they are not reminded. It's nothing personal.


And lastly, self promotion to your fellow artists, and small business clients. Like, men or women who started up an Etsy shop with cute prints from a variety of artists or a baby photographer who needs a new logo. you know, that type of client? These people not only make good clients but they also make good friends. I keep in touch with a lot of small business men and women that I've worked with in the past simply because they are awesome people. How do you promote to your fellow artists and small business clients? Here are a few tips...


• Get your work featured on relevant blogs (i.e. baby blogs about interior design, etc?)

• Be up to date w/ social media

• Know your voice and what you're selling. Be consistent.

• Get people involved. Ask questions on social media to engage conversation and community.


And that's it for today! Are there any ways not mentioned here that you find helpful for self promotion? How about resources? Share in the comments below and let's get the conversation rollin'!



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