Feast Font
Feast Font

Hey everyone! My apologies for the lack of The Freelance Diaries this week. I've been busy prepping this post....

I know you have all been waiting for quite some time for this day. Introducing Great Lakes Lettering's newest font, Feast.

Feast is a calligraphy style font designed by Alissa Mazzenga.

Her hand-sculpted letterforms emanate a powerful, yet delicate presence. Their magic resides in the ethereal movement of fluid wisps of ink, forming soft arched lines and design that stands alone. 

This hand written style font is based on Alissa's signature calligraphy style and pairs beautifully with fonts like Frosted and Icing.

You can purchase Feast before it goes live anywhere else HERE on my website! the GLL team looks forward to seeing how you all use the font! While you're here, be sure to head on over to GLL In The Wild to see how our other fonts are being used.