GLL Font(s) Used:  A  sterism   Photography and Invitation Design By Smitten On Paper

GLL Font(s) Used: Asterism  Photography and Invitation Design By Smitten On Paper

Searching the web for some of the best designs using Great Lakes Lettering fonts has become an obsessive pastime of mine. I never get over the feeling I get when I see these fonts being used beautifully all over the country. This wedding invitation design by Smitten On Paper is no exception! I've been a fan of Smitten On Paper for a while now and truly believe that they produce top notch stationery designs. For the images above, Smitten On Paper designed a suite using our font, Asterism, and paired it with hints of gold foil and florals.


One of my favorite details of the suite is the use of Asterism on the envelopes. It really does give a feel of hand written calligraphy! Thanks so much Smitten On Paper for sharing your gorgeous designs. For anyone on the lookout for that perfect wedding invitation - be SURE to head on over to Smitten On Paper for your wedding stationery needs.


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